Story of Sushenah

Story of Sushenah

You might be wondering why we choose sushenah as our brand name?

OK. Some flashback-

When we were looking for name, way back in 2018 (how we started is different story for different blog post), we were given with so many theories about naming a brand. Catchy, classy, two syllable.... what not.

Our aim was to search something authentic. Name should describe what we do. It should offer true identity. Although hard to pronounce, yet, we decided to use-

SUSHENAH- सुषेणः

Here goes the wiki definition

The name sushen or Suṣhēna or Suṣhēnah or Sushane is one of the names of Lord Vishnu cited in the epic Hindu poem Vishnu sahasranāma ("the thousand names of Vishnu"), an articulated versification of 1,008 names for Vishnu.

But the most important meaning of Sushenah, as considered by some scholars explains it as: 'su' meaning good or heavenly and 'shenah' with the 'na' – the ending na of 'ta-kara', meaning vaidya or doctor. Precisely Sushenah means Good Doctor or Heavenly Doctor – which is Vishnu and hence His 540th name in Vishnu Sahasranaama is 'Sushenah'.[9]

Why we started sushenah?

Co-founder (and also my brother) Mr. Raghottam was with IIsc (Indian Institute of Science) as a research associate. He had an inclination to be an actor.  Made all efforts to get into world of cinema. Acted in one or two soap-operas.

While on shoot location, he always looked into make-up product ingredients. He wondered how bad each ingredients are. Mostly banned in Europe, still being used in Indian cosmetics.

This he mentioned to me (Naveen- founder) on and off in several occasions. His efforts to become actor started waning or I concluded so. I mentioned to him- why not start something together?

We had limited capital. Raghottam knew only chemistry. That too really well. Given these inputs, our natural choice was making CLEAN skincare products. No chemicals whatsoever.

This all began in early 2018. Here we are after 2 years of research and numerous trials we are just making ourselves visible now in 2021.

This 3 years we were bumpy. We fought like hell. But we are here with some clean, no non-sense products that helps.